About Me


Currently a Sr. Technical Training Specialist with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, I’ve worked in the training and instructional design field for over 10 years. My professional interests include technical training, online and blended learning, and training project management.

Professional Accomplishments

I’m skilled at using Adobe Captivate, Articulate Presenter, Articulate Storyline, and Camtasia to create online courses that include multimedia elements such as graphics, animations, and audio. I record audio for my courses and use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create graphics. I’m experienced at publishing courses to the LMS (Learning Management System) and troubleshooting issues with the process along the way.

I regularly develop and facilitate virtual courses to learners from across the nation, using Microsoft Lync to host webinars.

I’m currently working on my first project in the realm of video training and learning the production, editing, and content management tools required for successful video deployment.

As a project manager, I lead successful teams who have created courses that are used by the Federal Reserve System nationally. The most prominent of these projects was the most recent upgrade of the Federal Reserve System’s LMS database, which required the update or creation of over 30 separate pieces of training material, ranging from print to PowerPoint to video, all of which were created on time and within budget.


My interest in helping people learn began at an early age. I wanted to begin learning early myself, so my parents enrolled me in preschool. At that time, I figured I would become a kindergarten teacher because I enjoyed the beginning of my formal education.

After majoring in English Literature in college, I fell into an office position supporting the Human Resources department at John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods. That early administrative assistant job evolved into a position on the corporate training team and thus began my career in training and development. I enjoyed interacting with people and began to learn the business side of training as well, building the company’s first learning management database from scratch.

It wasn’t long before I was pegged as the resident technology trainer because I was young, comfortable with technology, and quick to learn new tools. I began to create and deliver my own training material on various software packages. The most rewarding part of training for me was, and still is, the relief people feel when you can help them do their job in a quicker, more efficient way. I also enjoy the way teaching classes allows me to meet and interact with people from all areas of the company.

Eventually my career took me into other parts of the company. I still maintained my tie to training during those years, creating and delivering classes for the sales staff.

After my career took a few unexpected turns and I found myself unemployed for the second time in two years, I made a conscious decision to get away from the homebuilding industry and to get back into the training field. I was lucky to find an IT instructional design position with my current employer, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

My current position has allowed me to expand my skills in the realms of online learning and project management. Training has come a long way since my early days of standing in front of a classroom, and I’ve been able to evolve along with it. I still develop and teach classes, but they’re held virtually via the web. I also develop and publish online learning content and am starting to feel my way around video development.

In the last few years, I’ve been refining and formalizing my project management skills using PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) processes. Using a formal project management framework has strengthened my understanding of project management and allowed me to lead my project teams in a more efficient and successful way. My latest interests have focused on understanding agile project management and incorporating the quicker agile methods into our department’s more traditional processes where applicable.


I graduated cum laude from Georgia State University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a minor in Psychology.

I’m currently enrolled at Kennesaw State University, where I expect to receive a Graduate Certificate in Technical Communications this summer. As part of the program, I’ve enjoyed taking graduate-level courses on corporate writing, graphic design, project management, information design, and marketing. My graduate research has focused in particular on current methods of agile instructional design.

Leadership / Volunteer Positions

In 2014, I assumed the role of marketing chair for the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank’s employee resource network focused on a multigenerational workforce. My role involved marketing the group’s activities, representing the group at corporate functions, and contributing to the overall leadership and vision for the group. My role with the group in 2014 resulted in more than doubling our membership list.

I’ve expanded my work with the Generations Promoting Success resource network in 2015, taking on the role of co-chair. In my current role, I’m responsible—along with the chair—for setting the overall direction, focus, and schedule of the group’s 2015 events, in addition to overseeing the leadership committee and general body meetings.


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